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Crisis? What Crisis?

Can you take control of the UK's biggest state of emergency since the War?

The year is 1979.

Relations between the British government and trade unions are at an all-time low. The IMF has agreed to bail out the struggling Exchequer, but on the condition that punitive wage freezes are implemented across the public sector. Strikes have crippled much of the country. Parliament is in deadlock. The IRA is a source of constant fear, and the National Front is on the march.

Britain’s new friends on the continent, the European Economic Community, look on nervously. So too do the British armed forces, and, rumour has it, the Americans. This is a world familiar to those who were there – but it seems to have got even worse.

You and your fellow experts and ministers have been gathered in a neglected government office building to find a way of averting disaster. The clock is ticking, and who you choose to work with can make all the difference.

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Crisis? What Crisis? was presented as part of the New Diorama's Reset Season in summer 2021

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