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A brand new dedicated immersive theatre venue in the heart of London's East End

Presented and operated by Parabolic Theatre, CRYPT is an atmospheric and mysterious underground space showcasing established and emerging companies all making innovative immersive work. 

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Whats On

Following the success of CRYPT's  opening season of work titled Make Do and Mend , we are delighted to announce our new season Gothic Arcana. A collection of shows inspired by gothic fiction exploring how the biggest monsters in our lives are often our own darkest impulses, yet there is always hope for the future of humanity.  

Gothic Arcana

CRYPT's second season, Spring/Summer 2023


14th May - 10th June

Step into 1892 London with SMITE, an immersive, interactive theatre experience where you become a detective. Solve a chilling murder mystery alongside fellow Londoners and the Metropolitan Police, uncovering clues, creating leads, and making decisions that shape the outcome. As the city reels from Jack the Ripper's legacy, it's up to you to restore peace. Delve into London's dark underbelly, where cryptic secrets and shadows lurk. Take control of the investigation, decipher enigmatic messages, and unveil the truth in Society Must Investigate Terrible Events. Once you're in the know, you'll never see the world the same way again.

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The Picture of Dorian Gray

19th - 29th April

Welcome to The Crypt Club, where the whiskey flows, the music is loud and the conversations are...intimate. Your mysterious host, Mister B, will welcome you in and you'll get to know some familiar characters like you never knew them before. There's a portrait hidden somewhere that nobody likes to talk about, best not mention if you find it... things could get ugly.

 We welcome you to get lost in Dorian's world of glamour, celebrity, bad decisions and of course, beauty, whatever that word might mean.

More to be announced soon...


White Rabbit Red Rabbit

13th March

A play sealed in an envelope, where not even the actor knows what will happen next. 


Written whilst forbidden to leave his home country of Iran, Nassim Soleimanpour distills the experience of a modern, computer-literate generation born amidst the Iran-Iraq war. A fiercely potent and an apt reminder of the transformative power of theatre. For one night only, this really is not to be missed.

Explore Previous Seasons

Make Do and Mend

CRYPT's debut season, Spring/Summer 2022

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Work with us

We are actively seeking out work to showcase at CRYPT. If you've got a show or idea we'd love to hear from you, just drop us an email.
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