A brand new dedicated immersive theatre venue in the heart of London's East End

Presented and operated by Parabolic Theatre, CRYPT is an atmospheric and mysterious underground space showcasing established and emerging companies all making innovative immersive work. 

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Whats On

CRYPT will host the opening season of work titled Make Do and Mend a collection of wartime-inspired immersive pieces, some of which are brand new, and some of which had highly successful runs in London before the pandemic. 
Parabolic Theatre will initially return with the celebrated workshop series on immersive performance, How we work, which debuted online over lockdown and will be presented there in person for the first time
In addition Parabolic Theatre has committed to rehoming shows which were meant to run at VAULT Festival. The first of which is is Trajectory Theatre’s new show Circus in a Bottle
Further exciting shows from Parabolic Theatre as well as from companies that were to be at VAULT Festival will be announced in due course.

VAULT rehomed 

Following the disappointing cancellation of Vault Festival, Parabolic is delighted to rehome two brilliant shows presented side by side to capture that festval feeling

All Falls Down

29th March - 3rd April

All Falls Down is an interactive storytelling show about a group of strangers trying to make contact with civilisation, and survive in the wilderness, after a plane crash. The audience guides their characters through the wreckage and the surrounding forests, trying to find help while avoiding the mysterious dangers that may lurk in the woods they now find themselves stranded in. The audience’s actions decide how the story progresses, who or what they make contact with and, most importantly, how many of them survive the ordeal.

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Circus in a Bottle

29th March - 3rd April

Following the cancellation of VAULT Festival, Trajectory Theatre has been rehomed and will present Circus in a Bottle which is a tech-driven exploration of circus life that uses interactive augmented reality to deliver a powerful story. 

Make Do and Mend

CRYPT's debut season with a collection of wartime-inspired immersive shows

The British Resistance Museum

8th - 13th April

Museums about major historical events are commonplace. Museums of alternate history are rare. This family-friendly show will tell the alternate history of the British resistance to Nazi occupation during World War Two by giving the audience a tour of the museum dedicated to the British resistance – with a supernatural twist.

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Illicit Signals Bletchley

2nd - 28th May

A remount of the hugely successful show by Mechanical Thought that premiered at the COLAB Factory ahead of the pandemic. Work alongside famous figures from the Government Code and Cipher School at Bletchley Park on cracking ENIGMA, while uncomfortable secrets closer to home threaten to be revealed

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Line of Fire

1st - 5th June

April 1943. Another bombing raid, another body in a bombed outbuilding. Another senseless victim of war. This corpse though is different – this man died before the bomb fell. Line of Fire, a new murder mystery in wartime from emerging company Cross-Stitch theatre, will allow audiences to step into the golden age of detective fiction.

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Hidden Figures: WW2

1st July - 30th September

Returning after a sell-out run, delve into a secret storytelling maze and uncover the lives of the unsung heroes of wartime. This highly acclaimed show puts the audience in the shoes of one of several wartime figures whose vital stories have been largely lost to history as a society wasn’t ready to accept them.

Work with us

We are actively seeking out work to showcase at CRYPT. If you've got a show or idea we'd love to hear from you, just drop us an email.