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The House of Cenci

After 400 years the secrets of a family tragedy are awakening. Hidden in the depths of the House of Cenci, the truth waits to be set free. 


Explore the castle ruins to uncover the events of a harrowing tale. Delve into each room and solve puzzles to unlock the mysteries lurking behind closed doors. 

Integrating a free-roaming text adventure with live performance on Zoom Across four weeks, the secrets of The House of Cenci will slowly unravel for those brave enough to solve the mysteries that lurk behind closed doors.


Count Francesco Cenci was a tyrant; his daughter a victim and a murderer. Based on the true story which inspired centuries of retellings by artists from Percy Bysshe Shelley to Antonin Artaud, creator of the Theatre of Cruelty, The House of Cenci exposes an awful tragedy and the slow procession to disaster.

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